For corporations as a whole, SCSY participants are some of the brightest and most driven students, the vast majority of whom go on to pursue internships, recruitment and employment opportunities in a vast array of fields. Their interests range from public policy and law, to medicine and consulting, and thus an established partnership between our respective institutions would provide you with direct access into this talented pool of individuals.

For finance and consulting companies in specific, an overwhelming number of SCSY attendees are exceptionally interested in these two fields, and a collaboration with this SCSY would provide you with direct access to these students.

For travel, internship and education-based companies, a significant number of students involved in SCSY go on to pursue study abroad programs, and foreign internships in a wide array of fields. This is unsurprising given their demonstrated high-level of curiosity and interest in global affairs. A partnership would allow you direct access to these students.

For graduate and professional programs and institutions, given the exceptional talent and ambition repeatedly shown by SCSY attendees, a notable portion of them go on to pursue graduate and professional degrees. A partnership would allow you direct access to these students, and allow for you to present to them your unique programs.

For foundations and non-profits, SCSY’s umbrella organization, the Yale International Relations Association (YIRA), is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit. Furthermore, the SCSY secretariat is deeply committed to ensuring that the exceptional educational opportunity we provide is made available to students regardless of socio-economic or financial status. Thus, by partnering with our operations, you would be supporting an incredible effort made at ensuring that the Model UN experience is made available to a wide array of individuals.

Finally, for local businesses, SCSY attracts a large number of hungry students onto Yale’s campus, and thus a partnership with this conference offers the opportunity to put your business in direct view of a large number of visiting students.